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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Capturing genes from (old) herbarium material

A series of blogs by the RBGE staff about using targeted enrichment to sequence herbarium material of the legume genus Inga up to 180 yrs old!  This powerful approach would provide a large number loci to test phylogenetic affinities and biogeographic patterns using (old) bryophyte specimens stored in herbaria. A recent paper on the topic:
See below:
Capturing Genes from Herbaria. I. What it’s all about.
Capturing Genes from Herbaria. II. Inga.
Capturing Genes from Herbaria. III. The samples.
Capturing Genes from Herbaria. IV. DNA.
Capturing Genes from Herbaria. V. Fragmenting the DNA.

Capturing Genes from Herbaria. VI. Size Selection.

Capturing Genes from Herbaria. VII. Comparisons. 
Genes from Herbaria. VIII. Amplification.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Evolution of light sensing molecules

The Southern hemisphere hornwort Nothoceros endiviifolius- photo by J. Larraín
Dear colleagues,

Two recent studies teasing apart the evolution of two important photoreceptors: phytochromes and phototropins
Here a popular article on the phytochrome paper. Hornworts and liverworts seem to have a single gene copy of each photoreceptor!

Enjoy, Juan Carlos

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